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What Does an ArthroStim Do?

An ArthroStim is an innovative chiropractic instrument designed to give you an even safer and more effective adjustment. While it looks like a drill and is held like one too, it quickly thrusts and recoils at a high-velocity with a low amplitude of motion to target a small area.

Unlike a drill though, it’s very gentle and makes it easier for your chiropractor to exert the correct amount of pressure needed for your adjustment. It improves the chiropractic experience as it is easy to adjust the pressure and can be used all over the body. With expert precision applied by one of our certified and licensed chiropractors, it can help ease your pain and increase your range of motion. The speed and accuracy make it a better fit for the elderly and children that may have difficulty with traditional chiropractic techniques.

With its unique movement, it can stimulate your sensory nerve receptors which helps get things moving in your body again. It creates fewer side effects and with it, less muscle soreness post-treatment. We’d love to help you discover a more pain-free way of life with a greater range of motion by giving you an adjustment using the ArthroStim. Ask us about it today.


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